VCN  - Showcase  WW Composition was invited as a Guest Presenters for VCN’s showcase events.   'VCN is a visual throwdown. Content makers are invited to bring their laptops, plug in, and showcase their finest work.'
  August 2018 Showcase      Guest presenters;     Abi Wade (WW Composition)  Discussing how collaboration plays a part in her creative process and discussed the collaborative project Gestalt.     Cesar Gimeno Lavin , Music engineer and producer: sharing the processes and art behind the production of library music.     Lara Romanelli , Voiceover artist and Creative Producer     Visual Content Networks August Showcase was in Collaboration with    WeWork    - “Creating a world where people work to make a life, not just a living”        September 2017 Showcase    Guest presenters;     Abi Wade (WW Composition)  Discussing why we think original composition is so exciting and the value it can bring to a project.       Nicky Smith, Founder and creative director of Weirdcore  Weirdcore specialise in music videos & Live visuals for gigs & performances. Their portfolio includes projects for Aphex Twin and Gwen Stefani.     Cassius Rayner, Creative Director of GoFilmIt  Cassius is an award-winning film maker with over 20 years experience. He is on the cutting edge of smartphone video technology, working with clients such as TEDx and LSE.
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