THEE LOVING HAND & JOEL WELLS  - ANONSTOP (TOUGHTALK REMIX), PUBLIC RELEASE, SAN FRANCISCO.      VICE / THUMP EXCLUSIVE STREAM   Landing straight after 415-PR10, Public Release’s first in a loose series of San Francisco-centric compilations, this three-track 12-inch is a further exploration of the Bay Area’s sounds and aesthetics, though here it’s explored via remixes produced by friends from abroad.  The A-side is a complete overhaul, reimagining, and extension of Anonstop’s “Seaside” by Thee Loving Hand, Tim Goldsworthy’s solo moniker of choice these days. The ex-DFA Records co-founder and former member of UNKLE took the tune’s Balearic foundation and used it as a bed for what one might mistake as a lost Arthur Russell cut from the World of Echo era. Joel Wells lent his airy, light, sweet vocals to the track, while Darren Morris added synth work to bolster Tim’s usual production genius. It’s carefree and emotive, the aural equivalent of a big, toothy smile.  The flip features a mix that’s a whole helluva lot more intense and uptempo, though no less positive than it’s original. Chida’s remix of “Domination” is squarer and housier than Bézier’s piece, which was glitzy classic disco dunked in Italo, but enough of it remains to be unmistakably a spinoff. Fiery and propulsive in the way a Gulfstream jet is, it’s a ball of thunder that will electrify any set, any dance floor.  Release date: 2 December 2016  Listen to 'Public Release's', 'Eug' play the 'A1. Anonstop - Seaside (TOUGH TALK Remix By Thee Loving Hand)' on 'Beats in Space' radio below (first track into mix).
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