RENZO PIANO  - 565 BROOME, NEW YORK      WW were asked to create a composition and score a short film for Renzo Piano's 'Building workshop' 565 Broome, Soho, New York. A film by PG Commercial.   Visit 565 Broome's dedicated website to view the film   Once a haven for a generation of modern artists, SoHo has become a center not only for retail, dining, and nightlife, but has continued as the nexus for arts and culture. With the transformation of the Hudson riverfront, outdoor recreation, has also become part of the fabric of SoHo. 565 Broome SoHo’s luxury condominium residences mark a culmination within that neighborhood's evolution, providing easy access to all of those amenities, even as it serves as a quiet retreat amidst the neighborhood bustle.  The 30-story structure will soar above its smaller scale surroundings, providing sweeping views of the city and the Hudson River. The remarkable sunsets that color the river and harbor evening, warm the residences at 565 its materials will not only complement the historic context, but will also allow residents to take full advantage of the building’s panoramic views.
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