Variables 01 -  Audio Visual Architectural Installation  Created for London Design Festival 2018 the work is layered within the 5 floors of heritage site Brixton Windmill and evolves through each floor to converge at the summit.   Using field recordings, prepared piano and visuals to explore the traditional, contemporary and diverse culture and history of Brixton.  The piece progresses with each level as you ‘climb’ responding to different elements of Brixton’s culture and history. On the final floor all layers of the work are combined to create the summit of the experience.  The music was created using samples recorded around Brixton and within the windmill itself. It also features prepared piano motifs tuned to the field recordings.  The visuals are designed to work in harmony with the music, further immersing the audience as they move through the building.  Music - Gestalt (WWcomposition) in collaboration with pianist Hinako Omori.  Visuals - Playing Field  Windmill -   Friends of Windmill Gardens  Sponsored by Shure Microphones / Supported by Help Musicians UK and D&B Audio
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